Acrylic Nails, They're Strong & Look Great - Sarah Loved Them

April 3,2007
Being a hairstylist in the film industry, makes it hard to look your best. Because of working long hours, I never have time to color my roots, get a haircut, buy groceries, workout or get your nails done. Speaking of nails, my hands are in and out of water constantly because of washing and coloring hair. When I am working with wigs and hair extensions, I use spirit gum adhesive and 99% alcohol. The nail bed becomes soft and sometimes discolored because of hair color. Nail polish will chip off within a day. The gel nails aren’t strong enough either because they will chip off as well. A great alternative is acrylic nails. Acrylic nails seem to last the longest. If they are applied correctly, the nail bed can be made thicker and stronger, but still looking feminine and pretty. I love having the French manicure look. The French manicure look is the most natural look, with a soft pink base and the white tips. There are many different brands out there so be aware of them. If you are Caucasian like me, then you may have a thinner nail bed. In this case, you may want the “flawless finish”, it hides the imperfections. In spring of last year, I was working on the movie, "Whisperer" starring Sarah Wayne Callies, (main actor in the television series, Prison Break). Sarah had acyrlic nails applied. They just polished her look for the character in "Whisperer". She loved them! Acrylic nails can cost about $50 and can be applied within an hour. They will last up to 4 weeks. Then you will have to book another appointment to get a nail fill which will cost about $40. Make sure they don’t convince you to have the gel topcoat because it will chip off easily if your hands are in water.
My 2 favorite nail techs in North Vancouver are;

Darlene at Chrysalis Your Urban Refuge 604-990-1701
Paul at Princess Nails 604-990-2964 their website is: