October Favorites!

Wow.. October just ran right past me. I can't believe it's November! I can't believe it's almost my birthday! (11/29 and I'll be 20 btw) Gosh... Pretty soon it'll be Thanksgiving.. and then Christmas! Then New Years! 2010! Crazayyy. Anywho, enough ranting. It's time for my October Favorites, and here they are! =)

Shampoo: Rusk Deepshine - This whole line kinda has a plant scent to it, but I don't mind because I think it's great!
Conditioner: Rusk Deepshine - It's light, but conditions nicely and adds tons of shine.
Treatment: Redken Color Extend Total Recharge - Bought it on a whim, and I actually like it! Not as heavy as a deep conditioner, but I can definitely feel it on my hair.
Smoothing/Shine: Bed Head Superficial - Amazing when you blow dry it into your hair... amazing.

Volume: Redken Blown Away 09 - I still really love this stuff, it's never failed me.
Straightening: Redken Spray Starch 15 - Whether you're using a flat iron, curling iron, 3-barrel waver, crimper, whateverrrr, this will make it stay.
Texture: S-Factor Spun Satin - Where are my wavy haired peeps?! This is for you. It's a bit of a luxury item, but so worth it.
Hairspray: White Sands Stuck Up - Another repeat. I still think it's awesome.

So those are my October faves, what are yours?! Comment and tell me, I'd love to know!!!

Also, My huge haul is coming soon... so stay tuned! And take care of your hair, especially now that it's getting chilly out! XOXO