Facial Massages for the Actors

December 2009
Film work in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has been steady this past '09 year. I have had a chance to work in the Makeup and Hair trailer on a few of the Feature Films such as;
Tron ( starring, Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde),
Percy Jackson and the Olympians ( starring, Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, Logan Lerman),
The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud (starring, Zach Efron, Kim Bassinger, Amanda Crew),
The A Team ( starring, Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Clinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Jessica Biel).
Long hours and 7 day work weeks are quite common on film work. Actors and crew members crave a good nights sleep. Cast can only dream about having time to relax . That's where the Hair and Makeup Team comes in!!
With 40 foot trailers; equipped with surround sound, televisions, computers, mood lighting, aroma therapy and a lot of laughter. Ipods are tuned to sounds of easy listening jazz or reggae or some alternative adult music. At the end of a 14 hour day, the actors come back to a 'safe haven' in the Hair and Makeup Trailer. They relax in the hairstylist's reclining chair, getting their hair washed and having designer conditioners massaged into their heads, releasing the tension and stress from their long day. Then the Makeup Artists use their gentle, facial cleansers and remove fx scars, and fx prosthetics, heavy makeups and sunscreens. Hot towels and facial steamers remove dirt, smoke and chemical residue from their skin. Finally, the makeup chair is reclined, and the facial serums and hydrating creams and vitamin enriched oils, are massaged gently into their delicate, tender skin. Ahhhh, that's feels so great, let's do it all again tomorrow!

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