TLC Mineral Makeup Applied On ScoobyDoo Movie

August 31,2008

Summer is over and it's time to get to work. There is a few movies starting production here in Vancouver, Canada, that I have worked on, such as; Farewell Atlantis, Tooth Fairy, Scooby Doo: In The Beginning.
I had worked on the feature film (a few years back) of Scooby Doo 2, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prince.
This time around, the Scooby Doo cast are the young Nick Palatas as Shaggy, Hayley Kiyoko as Velma, Kate Melton as Daphine and Robbie Amell as Fred; based on the cartoon.
The makeup Artists on the movie are; A
pril Boyes and Tana Lyn Moldovanos. Tana has developed a new makeup line called TLC Mineral Make Up. She has been using her TLC mineral-based makeup on the actors. Tana knew there was a market for a new, clean makeup solution, so she spent 2 years developing a formula with minerals, essential oils, vitamin E, vitamin A, grapeseed extract and sunscreen. I noticed how clean and light the makeup looked. The mineral makeup seemed to leave a glow on their faces. Touch-ups were fast and easy on set. Remember a few years back when Air-brushed Makeup was all the rage? Well, no more! Many of the makeup artists would find that the touchups were difficult once the makeup was applied by the airbrush. The makeup would look streaky and patchy when they tried to repair an area. Tana would touch up the actors between sets, by applying the TLC mineral makeup powder onto a soft, natural bristle brush for a smooth, blended look with no edges.
TLC mineral foundation powders all have a sunscreen of 25SPF. And that saves time. This is a great way of giving the actors the sun protection without the heavy, sunscreen creams under the makeup. Many sunscreen creams would clog the skin pores and create blemishes on the actors. And now with the HD, Widescreen, Plasma, and LCD TV, the makeup artists have realized that every blemish, crease and wrinkle are seen even more than ever!

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