EYELASH GLUE - New Syringe Design Complimented

September 8/08
I just had an email sent to me. I thought I would share it with all my customers out there in Eyelash Extensions World!

Hi there,
I just wanted to comment on the latest shipment of adhesive that I received from you.
I don’t know if the actual syringe has been changed or just the cap for it, but what a difference! I am very pleased with this small change.
With your previous syringes, while I loved the product, I always had to waste too much of it, because I could not control the amount that would come out at one time. I don’t know if this was the syringe itself, or whether it was because the previous cap allowed the product inside to dry slightly, causing some resistance when I attempted to press the plunger, so that when I finally pushed through the resistance, I ended up with too much force, and therefore, too much product.
These latest syringes work perfectly, and I can discharge exactly as much, or as little, adhesive as I like.
Thank you!

Debbie, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dear Debbie
Thanks for your comments. I love it when I hear back from my customers whether it is positive or negative. I will always strive to make the product better for everyone. I will post your testimonial on the website.

Dear Kandace
You’re very welcome Kandace. Thanks for a great product. By the way, another thing I really like about it is that the adhesive dries to a soft, flexible material, and not hard and brittle, like most other lash adhesives. Makes the lashes very comfortable to wear! Just out of curiousity – is it just a new stopper, or is it actually a new syringe?

Dear Debbie,
I have replaced both the syringe and the cap!