Sebastian Trilliant Review

Hello everyone! Today I'll be reviewing Sebastian Trilliant--Thermal Protection and Shimmer Complex. The label states "Triple diamond shine for a sparkling glamorous style. Trilliant is a multifaceted complex that is especially designed to provide luscious shine with luscious body, light conditioning, and heat protection."

I have to say, Trilliant is becoming one of my favorite thermal protectors. It's super light, smells absolutely amazing (like fresh watermelons!), protects hair from heat styling in wet or dry hair, and makes hair shine like glass. Definitely a staple!

So what makes Trilliant so brilliant? Let's look at the ingredients: Water, Alcohol Denat., Isododecane, Dimethicone, Glycerin, VP/VA Copolymer. Alcohol Denat. is slightly drying when used on the skin, but used in hair products it is used to give hold. If you're someone that does not care to use products that contain alcohol, you're probably not going to use this, although products that are alcohol-free tend to be either very sticky or very greasy IMHO. I'm sure not every alcohol-free product is that way, but that's been my experience. Isododecane is usually used in creams in lotions to increase spreadability, but I suspect this is what's used to create the two-part system in Trilliant. Any further information please comment and let me know! :) Dimethicone as we all know is a silicone that conditions hair and adds shine. Glycerin is a humectant that locks in moisture in hair and skin. VP/VA Copolymer is another ingredient that adds body and gives a slight hold.

Sooo the downside to Trilliant is that it contains alcohol. If you're someone that hates using products that contain alcohol on your hair you're probably not going to buy this, which is unfortunate because I think Trilliant is a great product. I know alcohol isn't the best thing for your hair, but I don't think you're going to find something that's alcohol-free and works just as well... I certainly haven't found one. Alcohol is really only bad in large amounts, like using Isopropyl Alcohol on your skin--yikes! So really it's up to your personal preference. Have you found an alcohol-free product that is just great?! Comment and tell me about it!! I'd love to know.

Sebastian Trilliant comes in a 147 ml / 4.9 fl oz. bottle, and retails for around $15-$17. That's it for now! Take care of your hair everyone!!! 8-D