10 proven ways on how to make perfume scents last longer when applied

make perfume scents last longer
How to make perfume scents last longer when applied has got to do with when, where and how you apply it. Body mist, body sprays or anything that are light bottled scents don't tend to last long. If you really want your perfume to have longer lasting power then you have to choose those perfumes that are rich in sensual notes such as oriental’s /ambers with vanilla ( Samsara, Angel, Spellbound, Coco, Shalimar) or chypres’ with oakmoss and bergamot (Femme , Miss Dior, Mitsouko,).

Here are some 10 proven ways on how to make perfume scents last longer when applied.

1. Layering the fragrance will make the scent last longer. Layering begins during the shower. Use soap, shower gel, shampoo or conditioner of your desired scent. After toweling yourself dry, slather lotion or fragrant moisturizer to establish the scent on your whole body. Some scents also come in talc form, so dust all over your body before getting dressed.

2. Pulse points play a major role upon where we should apply our perfume. These are the areas that produce heat to which in turn releases the scent of your perfume. The pulse points are located at the temples, the base of the throat, between the breasts, the wrists, the bend of the elbow. Pulse points that you have to pay more attention are at the back of the knees and the ankles. Since scent travels upward, these scent locations are very important. And most people skip these pulse points when applying perfume. Don’t apply behind your ears – instead, go for the jaw line, close to the ear. There are certain glands behind the ears that will interact with the smell of your perfume.

3. One reason why scents evaporate quickly is because of dry skin. Since perfume contains alcohol it also evaporates quickly. Another way to make perfume scents last longer is to apply lotion before applying your perfume. A lotion having the same scent is an excellent way to make your perfume last longer. But if you don't have a matching lotion, apply an unscented lotion. If you decide to use a lotion with a different scent, make sure that it doesn't clash with your perfume. If you have oily skin, a light dusting of fragrance bath powder will help to reinforce the fragrance without adding oils you don't need.

4. When you spray perfume on your wrist, never rub it together because it would "compress" the scent and won't allow the scent to develop naturally with your body chemistry.

5. To make the scent long lasting, you have to spray right after you are out of the shower, because your pores are still open.

6. Spray perfume before putting on any clothes or before wearing jewelries. Some perfumes leave indelible stains on clothing and accessories, especially synthetic fibers and pearls.

7. Spray your hairbrush with a favorite scent and run it through your hair.

8. Put a bit of vaseline (olive oil or shea butter would work well too) on the points you plan to spray on. The scent will adhere better.

9. Spray yourself from a distance of 12 inches then step into the fragrant cloud you create. This helps to distribute the scent over your entire body.

10. For Ladies, you can wear a small cotton ball infused with your favorite woman’s perfume inside your bra for a long lasting scented impression. That way you can avoid applying perfume right into the folds of the skin in that area, where sweat can cause irritation.

I hope you find this post useful on how to make your perfume scent last longer. Remember, the trick to perfume application is not quantity, but quality. The longer your perfume lasts when you wear it, the less you have to use it as you’ll find there may not be a need to reapply.
spraying perfume on wrist

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