Smells like Money

smells like money
Smelling and sniffing perfumes alone could turn you into a millionaire! It sounds easy as it seems but bear in mind that this is not for everybody. If you have the skills and the talent to identify 2,000 smells then you could climb the ladder of success and be the next millionaire.

There are only about 1,000 people worldwide who can put fragrances together with the power of their nose, and many of them have six-figure salaries. These men and women are well-trained to perfection for they have spent three years as a trainee perfumer and by the end of which they must be able to identify 2,000 ingredients by smell alone. After being a trainee perfumer, they also spent another four years as an apprentice.

To present some of the few big time perfumers

Alberto Morillas
Alberto Morillas (Givenchy Pour Homme, Bulgari Blu, Tommy). Mostly self-trained. His creations are spontaneous and numerous and do not follow any set of given rules.

Carlos Benaïm
Carlos Benaïm (Calvin Klein Eternity, Emporio Armani White, Ralph Lauren Polo) Presenting his latest perfume, Bulgari Jasmin Noir.

Maurice Roucel
Maurice Roucel (Dunhill Fresh, Gucci Envy, Nautica Voyage) Most of the fragrances composed by Maurice Roucel has his signature scent of Michelia longifolia scent.

Laura Tonatto
Laura Tonatto Her perfumes include Mediteranneo for Carthusia, Oltre, E. Duse, and Aqua Admirabilis

Being a perfumer is not easy but I didn’t say it’s impossible. It takes a lot of discipline, time, knowledge and proper training to create a fragrance that has a unique soul and character that appeals to most people. But no matter what it takes for you to become a successful perfumer the most important tool that you should equip yourself with is your intuition and your nose.

Stinky Jobs

Think your job stinks? Well think again co’z these one does...literally!

armpit sniffer
Armpit Sniffer
Works for companies that make deodorants.

bad breath
Breath Odor Evaluator
Odor judges smell nasty morning breath or breath ‘insulted’ with strong scents like garlic and rate the breath on a scale from 1 to 9. To test odor-reducing products like gum or mouthwash, they smell the breath again and assign it a new rating.

Are you willing to do just about anything that pays to see you through the hardest times?

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