Response To Eyelash Kits And Eyelash Glues

january 21,2008

I had this letter emailed to me back in November 07.
Hi, Kandace,

I have tried two kinds of glue, yours in black (I Love My Lashes) and the Lash Tite in clear. The Lash Tite leaves a dandruff like residue, but that may reduce drastically as I get more accomplished at application. However, the toxic smell of it is a concern and turn off.

Your black glue ( I Love My Lashes) in syringe works well without the toxic feel. I'm getting better at application so the gloppy over-mascara-ed look is improving. One problem I have is that I cannot get just a one-application amount out of the syringe. No matter how slowly, gently I try, about 20% floods out each time. That makes using this adhesive very expensive.

I just did a touch up today and it went exceedingly well. Much less glop at the adhesion spot.

My touch up before this all washed off in my first shower???? Maybe there was some kind of residue on my lashes prior to application. I have no other explanation, do you?

The critical point for me in considering your adhesive is to find a way to just get a drop out instead of a big puddle. Any ideas?

Thanks for your service; I love the lash kit(I Love My Lashes). (Overall, the lashes really spark up my appearance. The goal!)

PJ Weiss ,
Chicago, IL